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DekeaSaurusRex’s Be a GM

DekeaSaurusRex’s Be a GM Ep. 1 – 5

DekeaSaurusRex’s Be a GM Ep. 6 – 10

6 thoughts on “DekeaSaurusRex’s Be a GM

  • heatmiser007 says:

    Hi, how do I become a member. I have no videos and no website, but I play on weekends and am kind, trustworthy, and encouraging. When my club lost to l1l Bones l3l, I said great job. How do I join?

  • heatmiser007 says:

    Hi, I’m heatmiser007. I would like to join your website of all of the people.



    P.S (I have no website or channel.)

    • SeniorGnu says:

      Hey Heatmiser, I am the creator of NHLGuides.net. It’s great that you’d like to become a member of the site. There are lots of ways to become an active member of the site. You can join our forum at http://www.nhlguides.net/forums-2 you can follow us on twitter @NHLGuidesDotNet and interact with us. Or you can like our facebook page using the button on the righthand side of the page. All of these are great ways to stay connected. I’m always available to talk on google at SeniorGnu@gmail.com and on Skype at SeniorGnu.

      I’m looking forward to seeing you around more often.

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