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Optimizing Your Player

NHL 14: Optimizing Your Player

Written By: TargetAudience18


Once you have decided what player build you would like to use, you need to put him together. This is easier said than done as you will soon find out. Navigating the menus of NHL 14 is tiresome because loading screens slow you down tremendously.


Through that website you can easily assemble your player to your specifications and then duplicate your build on the console. Someone once asked, “How do I get this into the game?” Well, it doesn’t import for you, you have to do it yourself.


By doing it on the site you have the ability to change boosts to see how it will affect your player without continually menu hopping just to put a player together.


Anyway, on to the fun part…


Each player build has certain attributes that cost more than others. For example, in the offensive attributes for the playmaker the most expensive category is Wrist Shot Power. It starts at 65 (just like every other category) with a cost of 10 XP (also just like every other category). However, unlike the other categories in offense the cost of the Wrist Shot Power goes up by 10 XP for every 2 attributes added.


How does this add up if you’d like to max out your Wrist Shot Power as a playmaker? Let’s take a look:


–          Start at 65 & 66 & 67 cost 10 XP each = 20 XP total spent

–          68 & 69 cost 20 XP each = additional 40 XP spent = total of 60 XP spent so far

–          70 & 71 cost 30 XP each = additional 60 XP spent = total of 120 XP spent so far

–          72 & 73 cost 40 XP each = additional 80 XP spent = total of 200 XP spent so far

–          74 & 75 cost 50 XP each = additional 100 XP spent = total of 300 XP spent so far

–          76 & 77 cost 60 XP each = additional 120 XP spent = total of 420 XP spent so far

–          78 (cap) costs 70 XP = additional 70 XP = total of 490 XP spent


So, it would cost 490 XP to max out our Wrist Shot Power. That’s a fair chunk of points when you consider it.


Now, this is where boosts come into play. Let’s say 78 Wrist Shot Power is good enough for you and you don’t need anything more than that. Because of the insane cost of Wrist Shot Power it would probably be worth it to add a +5 boost in Wrist Shot Power. This boost will help subsidize the XP spent on the category, alleviating 290 XP!! That’s a huge number. The extra 290 XP could then be spent on another category.


By repeating what we did to Wrist Shot Power to each category, this is how we optimize our player to our playing style, while achieving the highest attribute levels possible.


What you need to do is analyze what you would like as a total for each attribute category.


Let me show you the offense for my Legend 3 playmaker build that I use when I am playing games with a human goalie in net for each team.





92: I find with 92 deking I can do pretty much anything I want


80-85: In this range I’ll have no problem tipping pucks or receiving passes

Offensive Awareness

83-87: Just enough to help with different aspects of offense


92: High passing makes a huge difference when cycling through the slot.

Puck Control

92: You notice a huge difference with 92 on puck control. It makes it really tough to get it off my stick

Slap Shot Accuracy

Base (I won’t use the slap shot as a forward)

Slap Shot Power


Wrist Shot Accuracy

80-85: I’d like to be able to at least put it on net if I get the chance

Wrist Shot Power

80-85: I don’t need insane shot power, but some helps when playing a little further from the net. You’d be surprised how well you can snipe a human goalie


Ok. So to get 92 in deking, passing, and puck control I know I need to add +5 boosts for each category because the cap for each attribute is 87. I will also need a +5 on my wrist shot power because the cap is at 78, and since we are using a boost we might as well use the +5. That will give me a max shot power of 83. We’ll see what it looks like when we start to put it together. To get the wrist shot accuracy into the range I want, I don’t need a boost but it might be advantageous to use one to save some XP for other categories. For offensive awareness and hand-eye  I don’t need a boost for either to hit it. Hopefully using boosts for the other categories, it will help me achieve the levels I want because of the XP I saved with the boosts.


So, let’s start to get to work with the player optimizer I mentioned earlier. At the bottom of the page is your Equipment Boost area. You will notice that certain boosts are only available in certain equipment slots (Ex. Under stick, only offensive awareness, SS power, SS accuracy, WS power, WS accuracy, defensive awareness, faceoffs, and stick checking is available), so keep this in mind when adding boosts. The only way to truly learn what boosts should go in each slot is through time and patience.


I know that the best place to use my deking, passing, and puck control boosts is in the glove slots, so I will do that first. Now, I will go back up to the attribute area and get those three categories to my target of 92. This has cost me 1240 XP so far leaving me with 1260 for everything else.


Next up for me in terms of importance is my shot. Through experience I know the best Equipment Boost slots to use the shot boosts is the stick. For now, I will just add WS power +5 and WS accuracy +5. We’ll leave that third slot open in case we want to use it for something else. Ok, so I decided to max out my power for now and I brought my accuracy up to 85. We might tweak these in a bit depending on how things look. For my shot I used a total of 850 XP which leaves me with 410 remaining for my Hand-Eye and Offensive Awareness.


I wanted to get my hand-eye up to 80, so let’s do that. It costs me 200 XP for 80 hand-eye. For offensive awareness I wanted a minimum of 83, so let’s do that too. To get it to 83 it costs me 260 XP which has put me into a deficit for XP at -50. So we obviously need to change this around a bit. Something has to give.


Well, I think it would be wise to first drop shot power. As a forward you play a little closer to the net and don’t necessarily need a blistering wrister. Bringing it down by one XP wipes the deficit of -50 and actually leaves me with 20 XP! Dropping it once more gives me a total of 80 XP! Wow!! I have now been able to use those 80 XP to increase hand-eye to 82 and off awareness to 85. That’s pretty good!


Now, remember how I left that third stick boost slot open? Let’s see if we can add a boost to the wrist shot again to save even more XP. So, I add +3 to WS power which puts the total for the category at 84 overall. Since we had it at 81 before, I am going to drop it down to 81. This gives me an extra 160 XP to use somewhere else. I could add it to awareness, hand-eye, or accuracy. I could even leave it at 84 if I wanted. For the sake of this guide I am going to add it to hand-eye and awareness. I am able to max out both categories and I was even able to boost my WS accuracy from 85 to 86. Now, that looks much better!


Now, when you take on the task of optimizing your player, you are going to ask, “How the heck do I know which category to boost?” Very easy. Figure out what is important to you, then look at the column on the optimizer called “CostX”. This column is the basically the cost factor. A cost factor of 10 means every 10 XP you spend, the cost of that attribute will go up by 10 XP. With the playmaker WS power has a cost factor of 2. So I know that it will cost more for me to level this attribute up than others. That is why I boosted it. Always boost the attribute with the lowest cost factor.


I know I just said boost the lowest cost factor, but that is only true of the attributes that are important to you. For example, with the playmaker, Body Checking has a cost factor of 1. That means every time I add 1 attribute to body checking, it will go up by 10 XP! Now, I don’t need body checking as my playmaker so I will not boost it. That is what I mean when I say only boost the attributes that are important to you. If you don’t care about body checking, don’t boost it.


Having said that, if you are choosing a playmaker why do you want to hit? It will cost you way too much. You could do it, but the rest of your defensive category is going to suffer. Starting to understand? Good!


So, go play around with the optimizer and see what you can do with it. When you are ready, pop on to your console and starting punching in all your info. This is the part that saves you the time menu hopping!


The final rule: Don’t worry about your overall! It does not reflect the way your player plays!

3 thoughts on “Optimizing Your Player

  • xxissuesxx says:

    This is NHL 13 not NHL 14 guide 😛 but still works just need to change some of the numbers

  • Vintage Ale says:

    Great guide. Enjoyed reading and used tips to upgrade my player.

  • Colin says:

    In NHL15, can I change my player build type and also physical attributes without it reseting all the XP I’ve put into my players? For instance, I have a TWD at 6’9″ 265 lbs and wanted to change his height. Also, I have a RW as a sniper but would like to change him to a Playmaker and his height and weight because I’ve noticed everyone is small and quick. Their size doesn’t seem to affect their hitting ability/durability too much so I’d like to change but again I don’t want to lose all my XP earned.
    Thanks for the help in advance!

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