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Player Attributes

NHL 15: Player Attributes Explained


Deking: The higher the deking attribute is, the more effective loose puck dekes become and the more accurate players will be able to shoot following a deke move.

Hand-eye: This attribute affects a player’s deflections, batted pucks, one-timers, and their ability to pick up hard passes.

Off. Awareness: Players in possession of high offensive awareness have good vision, which improves their playmaking ability and a knack for finding the back of the net.

Passing: The higher the passing attribute the more accurate passes become. The passing attribute also affects the ability to make blind passes and increases the chance they will get passes through traffic as well as making those passes easier to control from the receiving player.

Puck Control: This attribute affects a player’s ability to maintain control of the puck through hits and stick checks (i.e. poke checks and stick lifts). Puck control also determines whether or not one can do an on-knees deke on the breakaway.

Shooting Accuracy: Wrist Shot accuracy and slap Shot accuracy control how accurate these shots are.

Shooting Power: Wrist shot power and slap shot power control how hard a player may shoot the puck.



Aggressiveness: This attribute gives a bonus to hitting intensity. A big hit intimidates opponents and in high-pressure situations, an intimidated opponent will have reduced shot quality, pass accuracy and reduced aggression.

Body Checking: This attribute gives the ability to deliver bigger body checks. Checking also affects the intensity of the hits delivered.

Def. Awareness: This attribute affects how much a player pays attention to protecting the defensive end of the ice. This includes better ability to take away passing lanes, lower susceptibility to being deked and greater effort on the back check.

Discipline: The discipline attribute affects the likelihood of taking penalties. For example, if a player has higher discipline, they will be less likely to get an elbow up on a guy during a hit.

Faceoffs: The winner of a faceoff is determined by a number of factors including this attribute which influences the likelihood of winning the faceoff.

Fighting Skill: Along with Strength this attribute will affect punching power.

Shot Blocking: Shot blocking affects the speed in which a player gets up from a shotblock, and the type of block – a diving block(on their stomach) or a standing block (straight up legs together). Players with a high shot block attribute will be more likely to do the diving shot block.

Stick Checking: This attribute affects both poke checks and stick lifts in their ability to take the puck successfully and to avoid taking penalties while doing so.



Acceleration: This attribute affects how quickly a player reaches top speed. If one has lots of acceleration, the player will get to their top speed faster than someone who has less acceleration but lots of top speed.

Agility: This attribute affects the ability to turn. The more agility, the sharper one can turn with speed. This also helps when cutting across the ice while back skating on defense.

Balance: This affects a player’s resistance from being knocked over on a hit as well as their puck control. The more balance one has, the better they stay on their feet.

Durability: This attribute decreases the chance of injury. In EASHL specifically, you can play through all injuries but they will result in a temporary attribute reduction to your player never lasting beyond the end of that game.

Endurance: This attribute will determine the rate at which the player recovers energy when not skating with high effort. Fatigue will play a greater factor if a player has low endurance. Fatigue affects both skating ability and shooting.

Speed: This attribute affects a player’s top speed. Note that a player cannot sustain a top end speed without high endurance.

Strength: This attribute is a modifier that affects shot power, fighting, checking, resisting hits, and boardplay. Strength will give extra power in shots, punches and hitting. Strength will also help with resisting hits. Strength affects the ability to pin players to the boards while initiating boardplay, and the ability to slip free when one is being pinned in boardplay.

41 thoughts on “Player Attributes

  • Alex Hutt says:

    This is actually the best site ever, love it.

  • AlexBeech says:

    Good website :). Any info about when the nhl 14 attributes guide will be released by EA?

  • james says:

    I lost all my speed and acceleration in seaso 2 live the life do i have use my exp to get that back

    • pj says:

      Happened to me too. Seems like you have to start from scratch again. I dropped that Live the Life after I discovered that harsh truth

  • Me says:

    HOw does the off. awareness work? Say you’re playing fwds, wouldn’t you be doing the moving and looking to set up? If you were building an AI player i could see how you would benefit from putting stats into here(based on description)

    • admin says:

      Offensive Awareness increases your skill in redirecting the puck. Let’s say you’re standing in front of the net as a forward and your D-man rips one from the point. If you have poor offensive awareness, you’ll likely swing your stick at the puck and miss or worse, you’ll redirect it away from the net. If you have great offensive awareness, you’ll likely tip it accurately into the net. “Knack for finding the back of the net”

  • Joseph R says:

    What about Goalie Attributes!?

  • Ville T says:

    Yeah exactly, wth why can\’t we find anything about the goalie stats such as which are beneficial, like f.e does aggressiveness or endurance give us any kind of profit ingame? Please someone with knowledge add some info about the goalie attributes and effects. Thanks in advance.

  • Colt says:

    I lost all my created players speed and acceleration attributes for no reason … I was at 99 speed and 92 acc then one game (and ever since) it dropped to 41 and 36 ….. anyone else have this problem? solution?

    • Lolly4tw says:

      the moment my offline pro reached leg 1 his endurance dropped to ~40

    • rzrfvr says:

      Happened to me to. Second season, both speed and acceleration went from 95 to 40. I think it happens when you get boosted attributes from an interview and the game forces your attributes above 100.

      No solution found yet for me.

  • HaffTonne says:

    Great website here, my one-stop-shop for anything NHL 14. I’ve been playing goalie more and more online and have been find a lot of contradictory info on goalie stats (some saying aggression only helps AI goalies, others saying it’ll help with desperation saves, angles only affecting AI, etc etc), so is there any chance of seeing the true goalie attribute definitions explained here?

    • admin says:

      Always love to hear from a fan. I’m currently working on the Collection Checklists section, but I’ll begin work on this after that. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  • ryan says:

    most of this is true but fighting skill is not i fought guys with 95 fighting skill and i had 60 and still won and saw no difference between power of hits offensive is another one you won’t see much difference and agility…. agression you forgot to say that will cause lots of penilities just body check would be better example body check at 90 and agression at like 75 …
    everything else is accurate

  • The__KID says:

    THANKS FOR THIS!!! All my players have become at least 75%better using these. NHLGUIDES.net are KID APPROVED!!!

  • The__KID says:

    Anything about defeating the dreaded EA TILT??? You can friend me PSN THE__KID (2underscores)

  • LuckyPucker says:

    Note, the higher your Offensive Awareness, the more likely you will be put on the Powerplay in Live the Life. Same goes with Defensive Awareness and the Penalty Kill.

  • Anton says:

    Hi! My player make a BIG delay before shooting or passing. Very often I loose puck after I press shoot or pass button. Wich attribute need to be boost to decrease this delay?

  • […] and look at the very last one on the list which is strength to see all the stuff it relates to – Player Attributes | NHL Guides I always max out my strength first. Then speed an acceleration (to keep up with guys). Shot […]

  • Jack says:

    I found Offensive awareness to help pick up loose pucks in the offensive zone. I was going for the +15 boost slots in EASHL, and in turn of using the offensive awareness +15 and getting rid of my +7 puck control I was picking up pucks in a close area much faster and more often.

  • Kyle says:

    How do you earn attribute xp??

  • Tony says:

    What helps tying up the O in front of the net if you’re playing as a D-man? Strength?

  • David says:

    I created my pro and 6’4 245 power forward. Now somehow he’s 6’5 248. Also under player info I put in my real birth year and it changed it to 1995. Under fighter I put often and now that I’m in season 3 of my career it changed to never. That really ticked me off. I can get over the other two but I wanted my guy to fight. And now I can’t. The lock unlock feature with R3 is useless. So why give us an option to create if the game changes stuff for me. I also hate auto save. Please someone help. This really kills the game for me.

  • Slake says:

    I feel so ripped off, i’ve played so much since I bought this game and probably spent close to $100 making my Center better but he’s still only at 64%, am i doing something wrong? I feel like the game takes lifetimes to achieve that can actually hold on to a puck.

  • Bob Barker says:

    Slate come on down you\’re the next contestant on the price is right!!! welcome to the show slate now its your time to bid on how many fucks anyone gives about your problems. ohh im so sorry slate you bid 1589 and you were just a little over the correct answer was 0. thanks for trying and we have juan more thing for you before you leave. Its a message from your mom!!!!! she said she never loved you and not to come home. Thanks for coming on the show goodnight!…….Bitch – Bob Barker

  • President Barack Obama says:

    Thank you Bob Barker for telling slake off he is a real DOUCHEBAG!!!!!! like don’t come to us with your bitchy problems we are not your girlfriend!! Slake you are a bitch and no longer an American you fucking terrorist

  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer says:

    Slake is a bitch and if he was a vampire i wouldn’t even go after him because he is such a PUSSY!!

  • Former President Bill Clinton says:

    I Fucked every bitch south of the Mississippi but slake once came to me and asked if we could do it so i told him to come real close to me and bend down a little and close his eyes. as soon as he did that i slapped him in the face with my dick HAAHAAHAH! Me and Barbara bush had a good laugh about it then me and her went to pound town. Moral of the story is: Slake is a communist pussy bitch

  • Gilberto says:

    I keep hearing that some of these attributes are broken stats and dont actually matter. Is this true?

  • elie says:

    what better 95 power 90-95 acc with 83 strength or 92 power 88 acc and 93 strength?

  • Scott says:

    Is endurance an attribute you should upgrade in EASHL? I’m just confused since fight wins show an energy boost to line 1, but players never seem to slow. Plus they skate the whole game. In Be a Pro yes, but is it worth the points here?

  • josh says:

    You missed a huge detail about off. and def. awareness, they better position your player when you dont have the puck, that blue arrow that tells you where to go becomes very effective and handy

  • josh says:

    And if you are a foward that does alot of rushing back and forth the whole game then yes endurance is important, if you play d or just pass alot its not needed cause your guy will gain energy back when just standing there lol

  • Owen says:

    So how do you upgrade your player that you would use online?

  • Colin says:

    In NHL15, can I change my player build type and also physical attributes without it reseting all the XP I’ve put into my players? For instance, I have a TWD at 6’9″ 265 lbs and wanted to change his height. Also, I have a RW as a sniper but would like to change him to a Playmaker and his height and weight because I’ve noticed everyone is small and quick. Their size doesn’t seem to affect their hitting ability/durability too much so I’d like to change but again I don’t want to lose all my XP earned.
    Thanks for the help in advance!

  • Ryan says:

    which attribute helps the face offs ?

  • bryant says:

    when you play on position lock does the game play settings you set to computer do they effect your teammates as they are actually playing as computer players and same question to the attributes bar

  • Simon says:

    Not sure anyone will still see this, but does anyone know if there are still people playing NHL 16/Legacy Online Team Play. Numbers are dwindling in NHL 15 OTP so I’m considering finally buying it. Thanks.

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