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Team Comparisons

NHL 14 Team Comparison Guide

OffenseDefenseGoalieOverallStarting Goalie
Anaheim Ducks444.54.1786
Boston Bruins44.54.54.3387
Buffalo Sabres3.
Calgary Flames44.53.5475
Carolina Hurricanes43.533.589
Chicago Blackhawks4.
Colorado Avalanche43.543.8382
Columbus Blue Jackets44.544.1784
Dallas Stars4.
Detroit Red Wings4.
Edmonton Oilers4.
Florida Panthers3.
Los Angeles Kings44.54.54.3391
Minnesota Wild4.544.54.3385
Montreal Canadians4.
Nashville Predators4433.6790
New Jersey Devils3.544.5488
New York Islanders4.53.54479
New York Rangers44.54.54.3391
Ottawa Senators44.54.54.3384
Philadelphia Flyers4.54.544.3380
Phoenix Coyotes44.54.54.3388
Pittsburgh Penguins4.54.544.3384
St. Louis Blues4.54.544.3383
San Jose Sharks4.
Tampa Bay Lightning44.544.1781
Toronto Maple Leafs44.544.1782
Vancouver Canucks44.54.54.3386
Washington Capitals444483
Winnipeg Jets44.544.1785

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