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Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

A breakout is initiated when the puck is in a team’s defensive zone. All five skaters and even the goaltender need to be involved to exit the zone successfully. Players react to the position of the puck to initiate or support the breakout. Breakouts can take place in four situations:

1) after a dump-in by the other team

2) after a rebound off of a shot

3) after an intercepted pass

4) when a player takes the puck away from the opposition.

The most difficult part in executing a successful breakout is handling pressure from the opposition and completing a good first pass. The first step is to realize where the pressure is coming from so you can execute the appropriate option to escape your defensive zone.

Reading Pressure and Options

Reacting to Support the Breakout

Breakout Plays

Control Breakouts

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