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My Collection

NHL 14: My Collection in HUT


My Collection houses all of the items you have earned over your Hockey Ultimate Team Career. Players you have acquired in packs or through trading are categorized by league and team.

Within My Collection you can also find the logos, jerseys, and arenas you have earned in the game and use the actions menu to make them ‘active’ for your next game. You can also view any head coaches you may have acquired.

All of the trophies you have won over your career are also stored here.

5 thoughts on “My Collection

  • tom says:

    im having issues with the st louis blues collection in hut. i cannot seem to find all the jerseys, i am missing 2. i looked at all 7 jerseys in the play now mode and the 67-68 jerseys, both home and away, seem to be duplicates. do you have any suggestions?

  • Brady says:

    I can’t get Mike Smith on the phoenix Coyotes for under 10k pucks, what do you all suggest I do?

  • Alex says:

    Does anyone know a more efficient way to search for Logos and Jerseys for the different countries? The “National” option doesn’t seem to show up in the League search criteria and shuffling through hundreds of jerseys and logos just to find one thing takes a long time

  • michael says:

    Help me please

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