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NHL 16 Sniper Forward

NHL 16 Guide: How to Play as a Sniper Forward

The sniper’s role is to shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot and then shoot some more.  As the most accurate shooter in the game, your job is to get open and rip it when the puck comes your way.  Now, if there is someone in your way, you can certainly move back and forth a bit to open up a lane between you and the goalie, but if you find yourself with the puck for more than a few seconds, either pass or shoot.  You do not have the hands to dangle or the skating to blow by the defense.  Pick your spot, wait, and when the puck meets your stick, fire.  On defense, you are a joke. Never body check as you don’t have the physicality for it.  Instead, try to position yourself in the passing lanes up so that you can help eliminate the shot from the point and hopefully take advantage of a breakaway opportunity.  Your job is the score goals, nothing more, nothing less.