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Custom Music/Goal Horns

NHL 14: How to add Custom Intros/Goal Horns

Video By: Brydo0

5 thoughts on “Custom Music/Goal Horns

  • Tempo says:

    Why there is no music between plays in the tournament mode when you are playing with national teams? Goal horns and rest works fine.

  • Ilya Zhitomirskiy says:

    Why do the Winnipeg Jets still have the Devils goal horn in NHL 15? I thought that they improved the presentation, but that is still pretty negligent, to have the WRONG TEAM’s goal horn. Did you notice any other goal horns out of place?

    • Timo says:

      The Minnesota wild still does not have to real gold horn. It must sound like that horn in the video

      E a sports have to fix that

  • TjollerBoi says:

    It works for me, but the goal horns plays randomly.. Kings goal horn, when im in boston.. for example, it’s not the same goal horn every time.. it’s awkward.

  • Jake says:

    i dont really get how it works i watched it 3 times, guys how does it work?

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