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NHL 16 Playmaker Forward

NHL 16 Guide: How to Play as a Playmaker Forward

The name of the game is possession.  It is your job to obtain the puck on offense and then keep it from the defense. Once you have the puck, deke and dodge the defenders until your sniper is in position.  Once they’re open, quickly pass them the puck and watch as your assists pile up.  A decent shooter yourself, you can take the one off shot if you’re all alone or your sniper is fully covered.  On defense, you’re fairly ineffective so try and cut off the passing lanes up top.  This also puts you in prime position to be open once your team does regain possession. It’s your job to set up the play, so don’t just charge in and fire off a shot.  Dance around the defense until a lane opens up and then pass it to the open man.  Passing and deking, those are your responsibilities.