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Guide to HUT

NHL 14: Deke’s Guide to HUT

Written by: DekeaSaurusRex


Hello Everyone!
I am hoping I can help you all with a few helpful tips I have found out myself and to save you those extra pucks to complete your ultimate team! To start off I am going to make a few tips pages for you guys so you can learn some secrets!


Learn the Prices

Prices are always being switched and swapped. For example, if 10 Kessel are up for all 40k and by the end of the day there are none left and person A puts one up for 30k because he is not aware of the current price he went for and then person B tries to have competition and puts one up for 32.5k then more people will do the same to keep the prices closer. Prices can change at any time so you need to be on top of current prices. Kessel can be worth 50k one week and 30k then next. So make sure you’re always on top of the best deals and learn the current price before buying a player!


How to Bid

Learning how to bid can be challenging and, for some people, frustrating. In NHL 13, after someone bids, and the time is less than 20 seconds, the bid timer will always go back down to 20 seconds so you can never get that last second steal. A good way to bid is finding the right time to bid and the best chance to have the least amount of players trying to bid as well. For me, weekends at around 2 and 3 am eastern time seems to work the best, since most players are sleeping or not available and it leaves me aware of some cards that might not be being bid on. Another good tip is bidding on the cards with about 30 seconds left. Do not bid when there is 10 or more minutes. If you see a card you want and it has 2 or 3 hours left, just add it to your watch list. Also, you are going to need to know the prices for each player to make sure that you are getting a good deal. For example, let’s go back to Kessel again. If you see a bid that starts at 20k, and you bid and it reaches about the same price as the ones in the buy now, just quit. This is because the other player/players are going to think I wasted all this time and I am just going to keep bidding and may not be aware of the actually price.


When to get Players

Here are the time schedules I find the best in North America

Monday – Selling = 4-8 pm. / Buying = the latest possible time but for me around 9 30 pm.
Tuesday – Selling = 4-8 pm. / Buying = the latest possible time but for me around 9 30 pm.
Wednesday– Selling = 4-8 pm. / Buying = the latest possible time but for me around 9 30 pm.
Thursday– Selling = 4-8 pm. / Buying = the latest possible time but for me around 9 30 pm.
Friday– Selling = 8-11 pm / Buying = Latest but for me around 2 am
Saturday– Selling = 3-11 pm / Buying = either in morning or late at night
Sunday– Selling = 6-9 pm / Buying = Latest possible

I found these to work good for me in New Jersey, they may be different depending on where you live. On weekdays, a good time that a lot of people are active on hut are around after school so 3 or 4, they get home and maybe go on NHL and go to hut for a little bit to see if anything is on the market. That is when you want to put your players up for trade and try to sell them there. Buying is similar to selling but opposite. You want to find the time where the least amount of players are on. Usually really late or really early, but late is better because there will be way more people on at 9am than 3am. So buy as late as possible and sell during the most active times.


When to Buyout

Buying out players is a good tip. Trust me. There are many people who get a good card that don’t know his price and pop him up for 50% cheaper than the card is worth because he is unaware of the actual price. Good tips for looking for steals include going to every time mark of how long people can put players up for trades. Which would include 1 hour (which is the best) then 3 hours followed by 6 then 12 hours then a day and 3 days. So an example would be to keep flipping pages till you see around 59 minutes for players and then keep refreshing by going left or right and looking for around exactly 1 hour (no more than a hour) because you are looking only for trades that are just coming out. This way you can snatch a great deal quick but will probably take a while after looking for the perfect pickup.



Packs are a great idea in a sports game and it is awesome being able to open cards and get excited about the prospect of opening up a Kovalchuk, but the odds are tipped heavily in the favor of wasting your pucks for a Gomez. So, you have to go with just bidding, selling and buying instead of opening. You are probably going to want to start your ultimate team by buying a few packs just to start you off because you are going to need contract cards or your players will be out of games but in my opinion it makes more sense to buy an amazing player and know you have him rather than risk your pucks on what will most likely end in tears. I really hope EA increases your chances of getting better players and packs by even 5% because that would be huge, but at the moment packs aren’t worth it unless you have a lot of money to blow. But even after spending 20 dollars, you may not find yourself with an 85 or higher and be disappointed.


Thanks everyone! I hope you read through all of the important parts and enjoyed my opinions on everything I said. I have more tips and tricks on my channel DekeaSaurusRex if you would like to listen to them but besides that thank you guys very much and I hope these tips helped you out one way or another!

Bye 😀

14 thoughts on “Guide to HUT

  • Brett says:

    I put a duration on someone and want to take it off can I

  • Leafs says:

    Great guide, lots of great insight. I agree, I wish EA would increase the chances of getting someone good in a pack. I have opened up roughly 30 GOLD Packs that are 17,500 pucks…the best players I have gotten are Backes, Cammalleri, Bouwmeester, Dubinsky, Semin and E. Staal. My advice is to collect Elite League teams until you get to roughly 100,000 pucks and then start collecting NHL teams. If you do it right and sell guys back to the market after you collect your bonus you can get to 1 Million pucks (or more if you collect more Elite teams). Then you can buy alot of great players and build a solid team. Another tip for those looking to get a small increase in pucks easily is to buy silver packs and resell the contents. Usually I have gained roughly 1000 to 2000 pucks in profit on each pack resale. Sometimes you get a shiny silver card and that can be very valuable and go for anywhere from 1000 pucks to 30,000 depending on who it is. One last tip, find expensive guys who arent available on the market. Example – I had a hut live erik johnson who I bought for 75,000 and sold for 95,000 a week later. When I checked the market there were none available so I put my card up and someone wanted it so they paid extra, maybe not knowing so. Gave me 20,000 extra pucks.

  • Matt says:

    Okay boys listen up. Right off the hop buy packs, whatever you can afford. $10. Even $200 if you have the cash. Don’t even play a game just list the players and sell them to collect pucks. Now comes the boring time consuming part. Collect the all star jersey bonus. Then collect the cheapest ahl team bonus. Make sure you watch the market and buy low sell high. Once you have collected a few ahl teams you can now afford to buy the Florida panthers. Once you get that bonus do the same with the flames and devils and all the garbage teams. You know have about 100,000 pucks. Collect a few more ahl teams if need be to afford the next nhl team on your radar. Remember still don’t play any games yet as you will waste pucks on contracts. If you want to home your skills just play online vs play. Keep collecting team bonus And the pucks will pile up. Now a few days before new packs come out is when all the players sell for the highest dollars so don’t buy anyone yet unless they are a steal. The morning the new packs come out people with money will buy packs non stop all day and the guys that already have sick teams are gonna get players rated 88-90 that they don’t want cuz they are dead weight. They will just look at the average price sold for them and list them for an hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours. They won’t bother to look up what the player is worth so they list them cheap. Now other people will keep the prices competitive and your al of a sudden getting guys for 50,000 that you can flip for 60,000. Use pucks you have been collecting to buy for example 5 players at 50,000 that you can sell for 60,000. Now you just made 50,000 pucks once you re sell them. This is the best ways to make pucks. Once you collect more teams and you have a few hundred thousand pucks in your bank you can buy guys for 90,000 and sell for 120,000z this is the best way to make pucks quick. I have made 200,000 in one day flipping players. Always keep 300,000 – 500,000 in your bank roll so you can keep flipping pLyers. This means your team isn’t stacked so if your unreal like me you won’t play with your team for day or 2 just so you can make that 400,000 flipping guys. Now use that 400,000 to buy remainder of teams Ahl and nhl and now flip players and your pucks are over 1.5 million. Just remember everytime you sell EA takes 5% so make sure your getting more than 5% more for the players you are flipping.

  • adam says:

    thanks matt but how long did it take you i seem to get frustrated wit hut and end up doing a bunch of dumb stuff so i want to know how long it takes

  • Aaron says:

    also if you cannot keep up with the online hut teams just play solo. You get the same amount of pucks for less difficulty which should give you the chance and confidence to save up the 17 500 pucks for a pack. A good game win on all star difficulty will yield you over 1000 pucks per game

  • Johnny says:

    I was wondering if there is a faster way to increase the price when selling a card. I was selling a datsyuk and it took me forever to put in 120k, is there a way to increase the rate of the pucks per click?

    • Tyler says:

      I can’t believe there is no manual entry or fast scrolling like in FIFA Ultimate Team. I could reach 5,000,000 coins on the market/auction in 45 seconds.

  • your mama says:


  • Darcy says:

    Lol I pulled the Kovalchok in a 35k 🙂

  • kid says:

    When you bid and you do not win the bid… does the money automatically comme back in your account?

  • Scott says:

    Had a price milestone from a pack sold for 500k anyone know what was worth? Or if I got good deal

  • john says:

    Trying to complete the hawks collection. Need the big boys: Keith, Toews and Kane. Don’t have too much to offer but I’ll do my best to work out a deal with anyone willing to rent

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