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NHL 16: Written Guide to Skating

Written by: jmallet74


But First, Check out these Video Guides to Skating


Wake up and Glide

The area in which most people have trouble is skating and protecting the puck. Especially in EASHL where multiple defenders attack aggressively with the overpowering poke check.

Here’s how I have gotten over it. I GLIDE! When you glide you have several options available to avoid defenders, and you can actually make an accurate pass or shot. The way I played NHL 12 and earlier was to skate full throttle. I got in the habit of pressing hustle to chase after every loose puck, and then skate right up the ice past the defenders and pass it. Guess what!? That doesn’t happen in real hockey. NHL 16 has it right. You need to be much more deliberate with your decisions.


Utilize the new 45 Degree Cuts

The “45 degree cut” is a move you can execute if you slow your roll as you enter the zone. Skate as fast as you can towards the blue line and then let go of the left stick. When your defender tries to line you up and takes his first step towards you, push the left stick inside, and up or down, so thats 1-2 o’clock and 4:30 (if you will), or 7:30 and 10:30. Your skater will make a quick move that leaves you in control to make an accurate pass or shot. The inside/down move (7:30 or 4:30) is a tighter turn and it creates a lot of distance between you and a defender giving you space (typically AI). The inside/up move (1:30 or 10:30) is very subtle, but it really just puts you one step ahead of where your defender thought you would be. So use this one to get past an attacking aggressive defender. Every time I use these moves I feel like I’m better than every single person on the ice in EASHL. They are effective and like I said, they leave you in control to make a good pass or shot afterwards. I usually score, or set someone up for a nice play after I beat the defender.

Even when a defender does get his stick on you, or hit you, you are in control and stay upright more often than not, and you usually end up with the puck.


Slow Down to Become More Effective

When you are skating at full-stride, and shoot or pass without letting off the left stick, your shot will miss the net by a foot and your pass will miss it’s target. It affects everything and I’m fucking tired of watching you idiots skate in EASHL with your Rookie 2 card and throwing a rushed pass into the crease where two defenders are ready to intercept your pass. As a Rookie 2 with low overall rating, you should just enter the zone and shoot a wrister at the pads and hope for a rebound. The goalies in EASHL are capable of stopping almost anything a Pro 3 shoots at them. Once you get some real attributes, go ahead and set your player to Sniper and start lighting the lamp with some razzle dazzle. Until then, play like the piece of shit fourth liner you are.

When you’re skating off the puck, gliding is just as effective. Your hits are more “magnetic” and you typically hit your target. You are capable of chopping the puck. You need to be gliding to chop the puck. You can’t just rush towards the puck poke it, you miss and leave the puck there for a nice free pizza.

EA HEAVILY PROMOTED THIS GLIDING TECHNIQUE. I am surprised I don’t see anyone utilizing it yet. It’s everything.

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