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NHL 14: HUT Team Management


My Team:

Here is where all of your lineup management is done. Use the Right Trigger and Left Trigger to toggle through all of your team’s lines.

Pressing the A button on any item brings up a full list of item options available. The left panel displays an overview of your team’s Star Ratin, Salary and Chemistry ratings.

The dock at the bottom displays players on your Scratched Roster. The Scratched Roster tab allows for easy movement in and out of your starting lineup.

The multiple squad feature allows you to make different lineups that you can use at any time. Great for entering tournaments or playing against friends.



Chemistry is broken up into three areas – Position, Familiarity, and Line Mix.

Position – A player playing in his proper position will get the best chemistry.

Familiarity – Playing with teammates from the same league or the same team helps your chemistry.

Line Mix – How well players will play with each other depending on their player type. For Example, 3 Enforcers as a forward group would have poor chemistry. A Sniper-Playmaker-Power Forward would have great chemistry. There are many combinations so play with your lineup to find good ones.


Change Position:

Have you ever wished a player played LW instead of C to help your team’s chemistry?

Apply a Change Position item to the player you want changed. This change is permanent, so the only way to change him back will be to use another Change Position item.



Injuries are a big part of hockey. Players can get injured but you can get Healing items to help manage those injuries to your important players. There are three types of injuries: Torso, Arms and Leg injuries. Find healing items to heal the proper injury and you can have your player back in the lineup earlier than anticipated. Otherwise, you will have to find someone to replace that player in your lineup while he sits out on your scratched roster, for the amount of games stated on his item, while injured.

6 thoughts on “Team Management

  • Mike says:

    In regards to chemistry, does original position vs. changed position change anything? If I play a LW as a RW, but I use a position change card to make him a RW, is that any less efficient than playing a RW as a RW?

  • nick says:

    When i play of line my roster is correct got nhl 14 but when i play online my star players such as henrek zetterburg and pavel datysuk aren’t on my team why us this and how do i fix it?

  • rob Kerfoot says:

    I need to fill one of my goalies position I have one in the scratched roster but somehow cant get him as one of my active goalies
    Please help

    • HUT says:

      You should do a HUT version of futhead.com it would bring you alot more people viewing your site. People would love the site/page and use it all the time to create there ultimate team and you could also put in team builds for 100k, 200k, 1 mil…

  • Mike P. says:

    Can someone explain to me how to assign captains! Thanks!

  • jeff says:

    I have noticed after you switch logos or jerseys in nhl16 hut you can not make the switch back. It seems like you can only use a logo or jersey once after its switched you lose it. Is that normal or am I missing something? I like the avs but switches logos and jerseys for a change. when I went to switch back a few game later I couldn’t. Now I’m stuck with a a logo and jerseys I don’t want anymore and now lost my favorite jersey and logo what is up with that? Can anyone please help shed some light on this matter thanks

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