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NHL 16 Offensive Defenseman

NHL 16 Guide: How to Play as a Offensive Defenseman


You are the quarterback of your team.  Once the Defensive Defenseman forces a turnover, it is his job to give the puck to you.  It is your job to choose the right forward to pass to.  This is much easier said than done.  Selecting the wrong forward to pass to will result in a turnover in the neutral zone which more often than not will result in an odd man rush against you.  So, either pass it up to the correct forward, or take the puck up yourself, but no further than the offensive blue line. If you make it that far without having an open lane to pass to, dump the puck in.  Never take the puck in yourself as you will be sacrificing your defense and annoying your forwards simultaneously.  Once the puck is in the offensive zone, make sure you are open to receive a pass from your forwards and quickly rip a low slapshot and hope for a deflection, or if you have some space skate into the high slot and rip a high slapshot and aim for the corners.


Offensive Defenseman