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NHL 14: HUT Training



Every player in Hockey Ultimate Team has a number of training items that can be applied to them. These training boosts only last one game by default and must be applied before going into a game. You can apply a Training Duration item to extend the time that training boosts are active for.

An icon will appear in the top left corner of the player item to indicate that training is applied.



Captain and Assistant Captain items are now at your disposal to name the Captain and/or Assistant Captains of your choice. Players who are Captain or Assistant Captains will display the appropriate C or A icon in the large and small item views in the My Team screen.

Captaincy items are like training items except they boost attributes and overall ratings as long as that player is a Captain or Assistant. The boost value for a Captain item is double that of an Assistant Captain.


Change Team:

Having difficulties maximizing chemistry for your team because they happen to play on different teams? You can change any player to another NHL team to match the other players in your lineup with a Change Team training item.

These are the rarest training items so make sure to use them wisely.

The Change Team training item has no effect on the player items when you search for them in your Collection. You can still find them in the folder of their original team.


Line Assistant:

Make sure to try out the Line Assistant feature by pressing the LB button when in edit lines and have your lines automatically optimized for chemistry.

The Line Assistant will use all the players in your Active and Scratched Rosters to build optimal chemistry for each line.

3 thoughts on “Training

  • patrick says:

    I use the line assist feature only when I want a good laugh. maybe it’s just something wrong with my game but has anyone else noticed how ridiculous some of the setups it suggests are? players out of position etc

  • Logan says:

    How do I make someone Captain and Alternates?? I aranged my favourite team, and put custom players on it. And I want to put the C, and A’s to my liking.

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