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Neutral Zone Counters and Regroups

Neutral Zone Counters and Regroups

Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

For the purpose of clarity, this section deals with plays that originate in the neutral zone as opposed to plays that originate in the defensive zone and move through the neutral zone. There are basically two types of attacks that involve the neutral zone: 1. the rush, which is a continuation of the breakout, or 2. Regroups and counters. All rush plays are covered in the covered in the next chapter on offensive zone entries. This chapter focuses on transition pays such as quick counters and regroups. Puck possession in the neutral zone usually results from a turnover or face-off. When the defensive team gets the puck off a turnover, it is important to move through the neutral zone quickly and catch the opposition behind the play. Advancing the puck through the neutral zone off a face-off is more challenging because the opposing players are initially aligned above the puck. Although the neutral zone is technically between the blue lines, we have expanded this are to include the tops of the circles at the attacking team’s end in order to allow the play to develop (figure 2.1).

Figure 2.1 The neutral zone.

Fig 2.1



Odd-Man Rushes and Breakaways


Lane Regroups

Motion Regroups

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