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New HUT Features in NHL 14

NHL 14: New Hut Features


Auction Assistant:

The Auction Assistant is a useful tool to help you navigate the HUT market. You can access the tool in three locations: My Collection, Trade Pile, and the New Items screen.

Average Price represents the selling price of the same item sold in the last 24 hours.

Last Price represents the most recent selling price point for the same item.

Rarity Rating is a five star scale based on how difficult it is to find the same item in a pack. An NHL All-Star will have a higher Rarity Rating compare to a young CHL player, for example.

Availability is the number of the same item available for sale in the auction market.

In addition to player items, the tool can display data for all items owned in your collection.


HUT Online Seasons:

HUT Online Seasons allows you to compete online at any level. Play at your own pace as you are matched users in or near your own division level. View the World Table to see where you stand against your competition.

Win games and progress to the next division or lose and get relegated. Get bigger puck rewards for winning Conference and League Titles!

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