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Activating Defense in the Offensive Zone

Activating Defense in the Offensive Zone

Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

Much like other aspect of offensive play, coaches have to decide how comfortable they are with getting their Ds involved in the offense. Basically, how much risk do they want to take? If the offensive team has quality puck possession, there is little risk in allowing the defense to move in offensively. You have to teach your players to make good decisions with the puck and trust that they will make a safe play rather than a dangerous play. The key rules for defensemen that will help minimize risk are as follows:

  1. Only one D at a time goes deep into the offensive zone.
  2. Read the time of the game and the score – Ds should be more cautious when moving in offensively late in period or when your team has the lead.
  3. The forwards must have quality puck possession in order for the defense to activate.
  4. When the defense move in, if a pass is not made do not “hang out” – get back to the blue line quickly.

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