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NHL 14 Celebration Guides

Video By: HaloDiego1509

XBOX 360


Body Slide  (While Moving)  (While Moving)
Bang the Glass  (Into Boards)  (Into Boards)
Jumping  (Standing Still)  (Standing Still)
Knee Kick
Blade Wipe
Double Knee Slide
Double Knee Slide w/Fist Pump  +   +  
Double Knee Slide w/Side Punch  +    +  
Double Knee Slide w/Windmill  +    +  
Double Knee Slide w/Forward Punch  +    +  
Single Knee Slide
Single Knee Slide w/Fist Pump  +    +  
Single Knee Slide w/Scoop the Ice  +    +  
Single Knee Slide w/Windmill  +    +  
Single Knee Slide w/Forward Punch  +    +  
Ride the Stick
Ride the Stick w/Fist Pump  +    +  
Ride the Stick w/Side Punch  +    +  
Ride the Stick w/Windmill  +    +  
Ride the Stick w/Forward Punch  +    +  
Fist Cheer    
Forward Punch    
Left Arm in the Air
Right Arm in the Air
Both Arms in the Air  +   + 

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