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Minnesota Wild

NHL 14: Minnesota Wild Guide

Written By: JCOL32

Minnesota Wild

Founded: 2000

Championships: 0



After being founded in 2000, the Minnesota Wild became the first NHL franchise in Minnesota since the Minnesota North Stars moved to Dallas in 1993. The team made its first playoff appearance in 2002-03 season, where they surprisingly went all the way to the Western Conference finals.



Minnesota will enter the 2013/14 NHL season with high hopes after seeing a return to the playoffs in the 2013 shortened season. Led by Ryan Suter, Zach Parise, and Mikko Koivu, the Wild will make another push for the playoffs. Jason Pominville will be in Minnesota for his first full season after being acquired from Buffalo last season. Nicklas Backstrom was resigned in the offseason and will bring veteran leadership and stability in net.


How to Play as the Wild:

The Wild have a very solid team throughout their lineup. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your lines throughout the game. There is not a single line on Minnesota that will let you down in NHL 14. Your main scorers will be that of Jason Pominville, Zach Parise, and Danny Heatley.


Fun Fact:

As of 2012, the Wild have averaged an impressive .524 winning percentage since entering the league in 2000.

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