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Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

If the opponents are already set up and in position to forecheck in the neutral zone, then regroups are a more effective way to break through this area and enter the offensive zone. Most teams will have a set forecheck in the neutral zone to try to prevent teams from successfully regrouping. It is important to know before you play a team which forecheck they are using – this will help identify what regroup options are available. The coach must decide for all regroups what patterns the forwards should run, so they are consistent. This will help the defense identify where potential passing options may exist because the forwards are available in consistent areas. The two regroup patterns we will discuss are lane regroups and motion regroups. Both regroups are effective against all types of forechecking pressure. The difference in the two is whether the center stays in the middle or does he have the freedom to swing wide and exchange with the wingers (figure 2.11a).

Figure 2.11 (a) Center exchanging with the winger; (b) Center supporting both sides (low/high).

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