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Two-on-Two Attacks

Two-on-Two Attacks

Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

There are basically three strategies for a two on two rush. There are no set rules when to use each but they give the offensive players options. Sometimes the choice will be made by the coaches’ philosophy of play but regardless it will be important to practice each option. They key principle for all two on two rushes is for the offensive players to isolate the attack on one of the defenders.



The first strategy is for the puck carrier (F1) to crisscross with F2 and isolate one of the defensemen (figure 3.13). If properly executed, the crisscross creates a lateral move that develops a sense of uncertainty in the defender’s mind. They key to the crisscross is for the player with the puck to initiate the lateral movement and be closest to the defenders; the player without the puck crosses in the opposite direction behind the puck carrier. Young players often mess up this sequence and put themselves offside because the player without the puck is too anxious and goes ahead of the puck carrier. Allow the puck carrier to make a decision as to which way he will go.

Figure 3.13



The second option for the two on two is for the player off the puck (F2) to drive through the middle of the two defensemen, allowing F1 to cross in behind (figure 3.14). This must be executed just inside the blue line so that the player without the puck doesn’t go offside. Driving between the two defensemen creates a brief hesitation by the defenseman playing F1. This hesitation by the defender will allow F1 time and space to cross and shoot or make a play.

Figure 3.14



The third option is for both players to double drive. F1 may lay the puck to F2 in the space behind the defender. F2 must move to that space on the inside shoulder of the defending defenseman (D2) (figure 3.15). With the double drive, F1 might choose to shoot off the drive as F2 goes to the net for a rebound.

Figure 3.15

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