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Defending a Player Behind the Net

Defending a Player Behind the Net

Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

First, recognize that there is a player behind the net and intercept the pass. If it is an even situation, pressure the puck carrier right away. When pressuring, try to force the puck carrier away from where he got the pass and also away from support. If the player is unsure or the opponent has the advantage, wait to pressure until all defending players get back to position. RD flushes (for right-shot opponent); C holds mid-ice, aware of the back door; LD holds the back post; and the high wingers sink in tight (figure 9.13). Once the flush has started, LW (the side you are forcing them to) will start to slide back out toward his point, while RW stays tight in the slot. In all situations when the opposing team has the puck below the goal line, make sure only one defender is below the goal line so that the defenders outnumber the opponents in the house (or scoring area).

Figure 9.13 Defending a player behind the net.

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