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Defensive Zone Systems

Defensive Zone Coverage

Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

There are several systems a team could use in their defensive zone. Teams may choose between the 2-3 system, low zone collapse, half ice overload, or man on man coverage. The 2-3 system should be used against teams that have a balanced attack in the offensive zone while the low zone collapse works well against teams who have trouble generating chances from their defense but generate a lot of chances from below the circles. The half ice overload smothers the offensive team on one side of the ice but with teams who are good at changing the point of attack it is not as effective. The man-on-man system is based on pressure and sticking to your check. If one player loses their check then excellent scoring opportunities result. It is not our recommendation that coaches should change from system to system depending on the opponent. We believe it is important to pick one that is suitable for your level of play and teach it well.

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