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Handling Defensive Zone Entries

Handling Defensive Zone Entries

Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

Once the puck carrier crosses the line there are a number of options available to the offensive team as outlined in Offensive Zone Entries. To develop your team in the area of handling defensive zone entries you need to review each of these with them and how they are to execute, if facing that situation. Whether your team is faced with an attacker who delays, a two on one, two on two, or any variation of a three on two, three on three…they will know how to play it.

It is important to note here that for all entries described we focus primarily on the two defense and the first backchecking forward (figure 8.1). The last two forwards coming back in the zone come back hard through mid-ice (inside the dots) and stop at the top of the circles in the defensive zone. Keep sticks on the ice to discourage passing options.

Figure 8.1 Handling the rush with two defense and a backchecking forward.

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