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NHL 15 Collection Checklists

Anaheim Ducks Collection Checklist

Arizona Coyotes Collection Checklist

Boston Bruins Collection Checklist

Buffalo Sabres Collection Checklist

Calgary Flames Collection Checklist

Carolina Hurricanes Collection Checklist

Chicago Blackhawks Collection Checklist

Colorado Avalanche Collection Checklist

Columbus Blue Jackets Collection Checklist

Dallas Stars Collection Checklist

Detroit Red Wings Collection Checklist

Edmonton Oilers Collection Checklist

Florida Panthers Collection Checklist

Los Angeles Kings Collection Checklist

Minnesota Wild Collection Checklist

Montreal Canadiens Collection Checklist

Nashville Predators Collection Checklist

New Jersey Devils Collection Checklist

New York Islanders Collection Checklist

New York Rangers Collection Checklist

Ottawa Senators Collection Checklist

Philadelphia Flyers Collection Checklist

Pittsburgh Penguins Collection Checklist

San Jose Sharks Collection Checklist

St. Louis Blues Collection Checklist

Tampa Bay Lightning Collection Checklist

Toronto Maple Leafs Collection Checklist

Vancouver Canucks Collection Checklist

Washington Capitals Collection Checklist

Winnipeg Jets Collection Checklist

Red Collection Checklist

Blue Collection Checklist

177 thoughts on “NHL 15 Collection Checklists

  • MarcusCloud says:

    What would say are the best team to try to complete? I mean, I’m slowly completing Arizona (only Yandle left), but it only gives me 4x Gold packs. What would say would be the best to complete in term of gold coin spent/reward? (assuming you don’t get Giroux & Voracek in your free packs)

    Also, I can’t find if the NHL moments live do have a reward for NHL15. Any idea?

  • Meat says:

    Do you also need the team stadium??

  • MikeGreen says:

    Okay, her’s a question that has been haunting me. Can you complete a team collection if some of the cards are untradeable? Like I got Jamie Benn from a bonus pack and I want to complete Dallas Stars. Can I complete it if my Benn in untradeable? Please I need this answered quickly. Thank You 🙂

  • Dirk says:

    Just Finished:

    New Jersey
    San Jose

    Toronto and San Jose are expensive because of Kessel / The San Jose Big 4 (Thornton, Couture, Marleau and Pavelski). I was lucky to pull a Marleau and Kessel Card in one of my Collection Reward Pack :).

  • Blackhawk3285 says:

    Anyone a Toews to rent? Need him to complete Collection ill give doughty tavares datsyuk and kesler for security. (Xbox One)

  • nick wall says:

    Ive completed buffalo but i didnt receive my packs. Ive looked into my free unopened packs but i got nothing there can someone help me with this please. At the start of the game i picked buffalo as my favorite to get 2 players and jersey can this affect something!? Thanks for the answer

    • Dirk says:

      The Solution is to quicksell one of there Players and rebuy. After you put them to your collection again you should receive your Collection Packs!

  • steve says:

    I’ve collected every item for the calgary flames and it says i have 31/32 items. are you sure i don’t need the arena to complete the set in NHL 15 cause i have everything else checked off in the checklist

  • Blackhawk3285 says:

    Question. Do i have to collect each player of the team for the same time at once? I collect Chicago and pulled Kane in an bonus pack and sold him and theres standing 35/36 and Kane/Toews are missing… thx for answers

  • JRich217 says:

    Anyone found a spreadsheet version of the database yet?

  • iStraandh says:

    Where is Dany Heatley?

  • Adamski says:

    Anyone know who to do after the easier teams ? I’ve done:
    New Jersey

    I was thinking Vancouver, but I don’t know how much Miller/Sedin’s are gonna cost, lemme know !

  • makemake says:

    https://nhlguides.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/New-York-Rangers-Home2.jpg?d0fa1b is that really one of NYR jersey in ps3 hut? didn’t see any in five days now

  • Chris says:

    Black cards ? What’s the point

  • Mcbain says:

    What type of gold packs do we get when we complete a collection? How many rares by pack?

  • Etienne Lachance says:

    I’ve done the Calgary Flames… 32 out of 32 and i dont get any rewards? Can anyone help me or?

  • Chris says:

    First week I pulled a Crosby, wasnt trying to collect packs then, i probably should have kept him cause I doubt I will see another Crosby.
    Luckily I pulled an Ovechkin when i completed Arizona so i finished the Capitals

  • Daniel says:

    This is a sheet that shows ish calculated price included all the players, with a margin of error on ish 15%. I have finished everyone that’s green.


  • Johnny says:

    I’m an active nhl 15 player always buying/selling/trading and collecting. Add me on Xbox 360 if you’d like to trade or collect together. Gamertag: Diggz0914

  • Mattiias94 says:

    Hi, I need som help to find out why I cant get the reward for the Blues collection. I have 32/32 items, only the arena is missing which I know I should not need. I have collected Arizona, Buffalo, Calgary, Carolina, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Florida, New Jersey, NY Islanders, Ottawa, Philadelphia, San Jose, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg and got the collection reward for all of them. Now I have done the exact same thing the St. Louis but it says I have 0 unopened packs.
    I have also checked that all items are in my collection and not in my item inbox or out for auction.
    Can someone please help me who might know a sollution for this problem?

    • Yoyo says:

      I have had the same problem several times. The problem is solved by going to your collection and put one cheap player to auction. After you are missing one player from your collection, go and buy out that specific player and voila, the packs should be there.

  • Michael says:

    This website is awesome, helps so much, I’ve collected Carolina, buffalo, New Jersey, and Calgary so far… Thinking of going for San Jose next, what other teams are the easier ones to collect I have about 80,000 pucks. Now so I should be able to collect a couple of teams without worry…. Add me on ps4 my name is mpettus19

  • Joshua says:

    i have completed several national teams. It says i have unopened packs but when i click the spot nothing happens. does anyone have any idea whats going on with that?

  • Ville says:

    I have finished Calgary collection 32/32 but i won’t get reward packs. I have tried to quicksell player and bought it second time to finish my collection and to get my reward packs but nothing works, NO packs. Anyone have another tip than quickselling and buying same player again?

  • kyle says:

    anyone willing to sell away 2 jersey for the kings im willing to spend 400 coin buy now price only thing i need for collection its the away jersey with LA on the front and its greay

  • J3d1M27R says:

    FYI – I Have heard a lot of people having the issue where you completed a collection but don’t get the reward. This is caused when you obtain the last card in a collection but back out of the screen (by hitting circle on ps4) before you get the “collection completed” notification. Wait until after you get the notification to back off the screen.

    • J3d1M27R says:

      Also, if this has happened to you, you don’t have to quick sell! You can post the player to regular auction and buy him again off the auction

  • Salmaan says:

    Forgot to mention that I finished Arizona and Vancouver as well.

  • Nick says:

    I did the Devils and Calgary collection and got nothing in the packs
    Just because they are easy to collect? Is it worth to collect more

  • ben says:

    i completed nyi and flo but no rewards for the firts teams i did the quicksell trick but it seems it doesn’t work anymore. any idea how to get them? i also waited before pressing the o but the “completed team“ never appeared….?? thanx

  • AllDone says:

    I’ve compleated all of packs, and i pulled out Datsyuk, P. Kane, P.K Subban, Keith, Letang, J. thornton, Keith, Letang, Marleau, MacKinnon, Krejci, Team of the week Tarashenko, Team of the week Holtby, 3x Ryan Johansen, Hamhuis, Bouwmeester and Jeff Skinner… And ofcourse huge pile of crap…

    Most frustrating part was that, when i compleated most expensive teams (pittsburgh, capitals, Tampa Bay, Blackhawks etc etc) i got compleatly nothing ._.

  • Brian Thompson says:

    Anyone on PS4 willing to part with a Giroux in the next few days? I should have the remainder of the Flyers guys acquired by then, but he’s a bit too rich for my blood. Would obviously trade him right back and apply training cards to him if you’d like as payment for your kindness.

    PS4 Name: Hump_DayYeah

    Thanks in advance!

  • paul mcintosh says:

    I have a complete buffalo collection for HUT, looking for a swap

    On PS4


    • Brian Thompson says:

      You don’t happen to have a Giroux, do you? If so, I’d be willing to swap you the Flyers guys for the Sabres. The only ones you’d have to get on your own are the ones I got in my starting pack: Rinaldo, Blair Jones, a set of a home and away jerseys, and the team logo. But those shouldn’t run you too much.

      PS4 Handle is: Hump_DayYeah

      • paul mcintosh says:

        Sorry man I don’t atm, if I happen to pick him up, I’ll let you know. I’ve moved on from sabres and I’ve completed coyotes, devils, flames and Panthers so far. Need big buff to finish jets, currently saving up for him.

        Feel free to add me if you want. That goes for everyone.


  • Matty says:

    Hey everyone I would really recommend collecting the Canucks, really easy and get 8 packs! Only problem is I have it completed but it is saying 38/39???? But when I click the collection it says 39/39 can anyone help me?? Thanks!

  • Matty says:

    Figured out my own problem. For anyone else who had it theres 12 jerseys total! 2 look almost identical though

  • Yogi bear says:

    Anyone willing to help me out Xbox 360 GT: xXDangles101Xx

  • Camden says:

    Can someone loan me a Taylor Hall please. Just need him for 1 second to finish collection.


  • Ross says:

    Also looking for a Taylor Hall if any one can loan him out I’ve got a Giroux I can send for collateral for the swap.

  • Aaron says:

    Anyone finished Boston and New York Rangers? I’ll rent you San Jose sharks for it

  • Salmaan says:

    Anyone willing to give up one of the following players for swap: Seguin, Benn, Spezza, Hall, Tavares, Couture, Thornton, Pavelski, Marleau, Burns, Steen, Oshie, Backes, Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk or Boumeester. A Dallas and San Jose logo would also be much appreciated. I have a Getzlaf and a Karlsson as collateral. Thanks.

  • Chris says:

    Are the free agents required to complete the nhl collection?? Also how many coins to you get for completing the nhl collection?

  • Ryan John says:

    I am so close from completing my Colorado collection. I just need Duchene. If anyone has him and completed Colorado’s collection please let me know.

  • Matt says:

    Looking for Giroux temporary swap on Xbox one. Have some good players as collaterol! Don’t want to keep him as I don’t need him, just final piece of collection. If so message me GT: Hades Grenades

  • Alexander says:

    Collect 22 / 30 teams and the best i got are Ryan McDonagh, David Krejci and Brent Seabrook…..that’s very disappointing 🙁
    Also i gott Mikko Koivu 7-8 times…..yeah!
    On the PS4.

  • scrueyouhippy says:

    im on the ps3 and trying to finish some of the higher end teams like ana, pit, was, boston just 2 name a few. i have perry but no getzlaf in ana so if anyone wants to trade and help eachother out we can trade right back and converse over skype. hit me up. psn scrueyouhippy

  • Salmaan says:

    Xbox 360, looking for a temporary swap, either Hall, or Seguin and Benn. I can’t have Seguin or Benn, I need them both. Have a Getzlaf as collateral. Gamer Tag: Naamlas Nahk

  • Connor says:

    Could sombody please lend me a parise ? I swear I’ll send him back

  • Connor says:

    If anybody could swap me a parise or a suter that would be great if you can message me on xbox one , gt: Commando721

  • Gavin says:

    Um can anyone help me and let me borrow a Corry snider from the New Jersey Devils goalie Xbox one GT DangelzForDayz

  • Connor says:

    Yo everybody follow @nhl15TradeDay on twitter the account posts pictures of players they put on the market and you guys can send your trades in

  • tyler says:

    if anyone wants to add me on ps4 to trade players and help each other complete teams add me. my gamertag is coprice69. just shoot me a message.

  • Ben says:

    Anyone on ps3

  • j wood says:

    I’ve completed bout 8 teams and all I’ve pulled is a Spezza is this the norm or am I open the packs at the wrong times trying to figure out if I should do more teams?

  • paul Gerard says:

    Only have left
    Rangers (just need few more)
    Just don’t have the coins to get these 300k players. So frustrating (PS4 laxchief4140)

  • mills says:

    ive completed cbj say 29 of 29 but not saying complete and not getting the packs any tipsÉÉ

    • jay says:

      Sell some one then by them back

    • Gabor says:

      you have to click on the team when you complete them… go to collection and simply just click on the team, back out and on the bottom right should say the date of completion. let me know if this helped.

  • jay says:

    Need help, need Giroux for Xbox one add me up , MrBloodBath82 can help you out

  • Gabor says:

    i complete every team on xbox 360.. only have a handful left..(Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston,Dallas,Montreal, and capitals of course.) i also didn’t see a point in collecting florida, because you only get 3 packs for completion. anyone that is willing to help or need help add me.

    gamertag: Wise Convict

    only honest, reliable people please. thanks

  • danial says:

    Anyone have kessel I can borrow?
    Last player in toronto I need.
    Xxirontsarxx xbox one

  • Bill says:

    I have two winter classic card and cant trade or sell them dont wont them but cant quick sell them for 0 coins what should i do???????????????

  • Grant says:

    I have completed
    new jersey
    san jose
    and both red ad blue allstars
    I just need Ryan Suter for minnesota to complete that one as well.

  • michael says:

    Who has a lunqvist I can borrow

  • michael says:

    Also is there a site to see what cards are going for instead of going back and forth from selling to buying

  • michael says:

    Gamer tag bingyork607 on ps4

  • Paulhawk84 says:

    Dont suppose anyone has an ovechkin card that i can borrow? not available to buy now just now. Just need him to do caps, then can concentrate on hawks and pens Gamertag: R3X_J3N50N84(ps4)

  • Gabby says:

    i only have Blackhawks and Penguins to do, haven’t gotten anyone good out of any of these packs.. total waste of time.. disappointed…

  • Bill says:

    Can you do the team again if you make a new user

  • Naamlas Nahk says:

    Can anyone loan me some players. I can loan about 70k and Getzlaf. I need the Rask and Chara, Subban and Price, Weber and Rinne. I am on Xbox 360 and my gamertag is Naamlas Nahk and PLZ, trust me. I swear I will give players back even without sufficient collateral.

  • Kovis1 says:

    Hey guys I’m willing to rent any high end players in my roster and maybe even first acquire needed player and then rent it. At the moment for acquiring player I cap at 200-380k. In my roster at the moment DUCHENE, HALL, J.BENN, KOPITAR, PARISE. Also P.Roy, Modano, J.Kurri. To make sure I won’t get scewed over I need to get players or players and coins amounting the value of the rented player for the duration of the rent. Xbox One. tag: Kovis1

  • justin says:

    ok i have every ohl qmjhl n whl collection i have done every trick i have read quick sell n every tip u have posted but nothing works add my gt xbox360 leroy to good inv me 2 party to help i want contracts without paying =)

  • Dennis M says:

    Does anyone have a Cory Schneider -G NJD that would be willing to loan it to me so I can complete the collection. I have plenty of collateral for example I could give Tyler myers and matty moulson (combined worth more than schnieder) in exchange for Schnieder and I’ll give back ASAP as soon as I collect the bonus. I hav plenty other cards to use as collateral, just looking for a some help to finish the collection** XBOX 360 only

    • Salmaan says:

      I think I have a Schneider but he is fatigued. I might be able to give him to you as soon as he is sellable again. My Gamertag is Naamlas Nahk. Msg me when you are ready

  • Andrew hayes says:

    I have buffalo looking to loan for some coins. 360 nhl 15 haze1228

  • josh says:

    does any one have the 3 goalies for Carolina for xbox 360 plz message me on xbox gamertag asianpersausion

  • Shayne says:

    Need to borrow Pietrangelo to complete St. Louis collection,
    I\’ll have him sent back in ten mins max or less,
    I have collateral of equal value,
    PS3 only, message me shayneg82 and we can work something out.

  • James0687 says:

    I was wondering what is wrong with the new jersey devil collection I have 34 and it says 39 needed? and I can not find the other 5 cards.

  • James0687 says:

    oh sorry ps4 by the way

  • Jaye1789 says:

    I have all 27 montreal items i apparently need (plekanec was missing from list) but my collection says 27/31 items!
    Ive looked all through all available players in market but cant find any i dont have, same with the jerseys 🙁
    Does everyone elses say you need 31 items? Does anyone have any idea on what to do? Ive already tried trading a cheapo and rebuying him

    Please reply below

  • Samna84 says:

    @Jaye1789 I’ve got the exact same problem! SInce MTL was my starting team (favorite) I’ve tried to sell some of the freebees given when you start a team and rebuy it… unsucessfuly! Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Ac says:

    I really need Chara and Bergeron oh and Rask anyone help? (PS4)PSN SupaFly_is_187

  • Mason says:

    Can someone please lend me ovechkin, I’ll give you 10k, Xbox one gamer tag: MasK1318

  • robert says:

    anyone have a crosby they want to trade? need malkin and sid to collect pitt. I also just want a crosby in the worse way. PS4. BeRtHuNtEr16 is gamer tag

  • CWind08 says:

    Anyone have a Toronto Maple Leafs AWAY JERSEY 4 they would be willing to rent/sell to me on XBOX360?

    Add my Gamertag: CWind08

  • connor minch says:

    trying to collect and trade on xbox 360 if you want to help each other out. gt: Stay Scheming
    almost done penguins collection

  • Tarasenko x 91 says:

    Anyone on the 360 wanna work together on some of the more expensive teams? I’ve completed about 14 NHL teams myself and it’s getting really expensive.. I’m also always Buying/Selling/Trading players so anyone that plays HUT feel free to add me. I also play EASHL/Club. Top 25 All-Time RW NHL11-14. My GT is Tarasenko x 91. Again on the 360!

  • Austin Siebert says:

    Does anyone happen to know how to find a Dmitrij Jaskin on xbox 360. All i need to complete STL collection. any help would be great

  • gavin says:

    Anyone wanna wager I have petrangelo,kesler,oshie,steen,backes,Eric staal

  • Alex says:

    Can I borrow Adam Lowry and the Wpg jerseys on 360 from anyone, just need them for 10 seconds! Thanks

  • David says:

    Hi my name is David,
    If need coins or players for free, email me back at EAsportscoinrecovery@gmail.com with what player or how much coins you need and your email and password and I will gladly help you.

  • Dylan says:

    I need to borrow 3 guys. Toews, Kane, and Keith. My psn is dcb-goalie and I am on the PS4

  • Nowa19 says:

    Looking for some help. Need to borrow an ovi and I have collateral to back it up
    Xb1 – Nowa19

  • Nick says:

    Your list has 27 players while the game has 25 players. I have 1 player left and don’t know who it is. Please help

  • brandon says:

    when I needed help I sent a email to eanhl15help@gmail.com and then lent me the player, all I had to was send them a player with close to the same value as insurance and they gave me the player. they also already helped out someone I know as when he bought a Patrick kane all-star game card he didn’t receive it in his collection or item box. they helped him out and sent him a free untradeable Patrick kane all-star game card to help him out.

  • joey says:

    when I needed help I sent a email to eanhl15help@gmail.com they help me a lot I would like to thank them for giving me a free untradeable tyler seguin as when I bought him off the market place for 44k I didn’t receive him in either my collection or my item inbox. thanks a lot for the help. If it wasn’t for you guys I think I would of quit hut. ps they only do xbox one help..

  • NHL 15 Customer Service Xbox One says:

    If you have been scam or you bought a player and you did not receive it, send an email to this address and they will settle your problem by putting the player in your inbox.


    (Xbox One)

  • terry says:

    I would like to thank eanhl15@gmail.com for giving me back my team after someone spamed me and took all my player. they helped me out by giving me them all back thanks a lot!

  • mozard says:

    If you need to free players nhl 15 xbox one as crosby ovechkin sent me a gmail adress to the next essports15@gmail.com

  • mozard says:

    If you wish to have free player on the xbox one nhl 15 because I am on the transfer ps4 talk to me on my gmail following: essports15@gmail.com

  • louis perry says:

    if you want free player or if you have lost a player you love much I can easily just repuperer you to contact me by gmail following technical support is there for you. nhl15helpservice@gmail.com

  • william says:

    thank you eanhl15help@gmail.com for giving me a free untradeable Cary Price that I had bought and never received in my inbox. thanks a lot for the player!

  • C arms12 says:

    Add me on XBOX 360, my gt is C Arms12 , I will share players, lend players and help anyone who can help me out.

  • Philippe Roy says:

    Hey guys I work for ea and if you get scam buy someone you juust have to send me an email at easports-27@outlook.com and we will chek your situation and give you back the player that you lost.

  • josh says:

    thank you very much for nhl 15 service@gmail.com help crosby I just got the

  • Philippe Roy says:

    Hey guys if you been scam or buy a player and did not receive it just send an email and we will check your situation and give you back the player in your inbox

    (Xbox one)

  • Mich says:

    I can dupliate player for you and you can ask to an other guy. His email is jeremie.larcheveque@gmail.com (ps4)

  • Ron Hook says:

    Hi guys, i’m working for ea sports games on ps4. If you lost a player by being scammed of something like that, just send me an email and we will dicuss of what we can do. Thank you for your collaboration.

  • Ron Hook says:

    This is my email: roneasports@outlook.ca

  • Ron Hook says:

    little correction, my email is: roneasport@outlook.com

  • Mich says:

    Hey guys I work for ea and if you get scam buy someone you just have to send me an email at micheasports@outlook.com and we will check your situation and give you back the player that you lost.

  • Anthony Ball says:

    I just bought every card for the Dallas Stars, when I click the team it says 38/38,yet I’m not able to get my packs. I even tried selling players/putting them up for action and rebuying them. Anyone help me please? I have a ps4 tball619

  • AsinDix94 says:

    Boy I sure am glad I went to ea-sports27@outlook.com! They got me Crosby, Malkin, Subban, Toews, Lundqvist, Karlsson, Getzlaf, Ovechkin, Thornton, a new car, a new house, a million dollars, a billion dollars, a hot wife, the best trained dog in the world, a college education, and my own private jet. This website will not try to scam you like every single other website out there. They just need your Microsoft login name, password, credit card number, PIN number, the title of your house and car, and your social security number! They don’t even ask for any money!!!

  • Michel says:

    Hi guys i’m a director for ea if you been scam or you didn’t receive a player just send me an email and we’ve gonna talk about it. micheasports@outlook.com

  • dw says:

    wanna trade collection have done most of them

  • James says:

    Anyone have a Duchene I can borrow to finish my avs collection? I have the Sedins and 20,000 for collateral.

  • Mike says:

    Would someone out here be able to help me get an ovechkin card for my collection completion and also to have on my team. As he is my fav player also.!!

  • richard Woisin says:

    Anyone willing to lend me Nash and Lundqvist so i can complete the NYR collection xbox1

  • jnor says:

    Why can’t I find Lowry for Winnipeg?!!!!! He’s all I need to close out Winnipeg and I’ve been searching for a month!

  • ashley says:

    Can someone please lend/sell me vancouver away #4 jersey! There’s none available and I’ve been looking for 2 weeks

  • ashley says:

    I’m on ps3 btw