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NHL 16 Collection Checklists

Anaheim Ducks Collection Checklist

Arizona Coyotes Collection Checklist

Boston Bruins Collection Checklist

Buffalo Sabres Collection Checklist

Calgary Flames Collection Checklist

Carolina Hurricanes Collection Checklist

Chicago Blackhawks Collection Checklist

Colorado Avalanche Collection Checklist

Columbus Blue Jackets Collection Checklist

Dallas Stars Collection Checklist

Detroit Red Wings Collection Checklist

Edmonton Oilers Collection Checklist

Florida Panthers Collection Checklist

Los Angeles Kings Collection Checklist

Minnesota Wild Collection Checklist

Montreal Canadiens Collection Checklist

Nashville Predators Collection Checklist

New Jersey Devils Collection Checklist

New York Islanders Collection Checklist

New York Rangers Collection Checklist

Ottawa Senators Collection Checklist

Philadelphia Flyers Collection Checklist

Pittsburgh Penguins Collection Checklist

San Jose Sharks Collection Checklist

St. Louis Blues Collection Checklist

Tampa Bay Lightning Collection Checklist

Toronto Maple Leafs Collection Checklist

Vancouver Canucks Collection Checklist

Washington Capitals Collection Checklist

Winnipeg Jets Collection Checklist

Black All-Stars Collection Checklist

Green All-Stars Collection Checklist

123 thoughts on “NHL 16 Collection Checklists

  • admin says:

    Looking to Trade Players and Collections? Check out the new Trading Post!


    • Unforgiven_900 says:

      Hey i was wondering if you could help me on collections i spent all my stuff on
      got Ovi,Jamie Benn,Stamkos
      If u help me get
      WSH ;Backstrom,carlson,holtby
      TB ; hedman, jhonson,bishop
      Dallas: seguin
      Il help you finish your collections with my guys guys. I’ve some more good players also. Doing all collections

      • Jari-Kasimir says:


    • Vince says:

      Having trouble with Boston. 34/36. I know I need loui erikson and frank valatra orwhatever butivealready bought them both twice and they don’t show up anywhere. Complete bs. People ask 5k for erikson regular. The first time I bought totw loui but he didn’t show. Idk what to do hm. Selling the totw loui now.
      Any help is appreciated

    • John says:

      Looking to do the Bruins collection! Just purchased Bergeron so all I need is a rask chara and krejci. Need other stuff to but that stuff I can cover. Xb1:IVJSawyerIV

  • John says:

    Looking for players on the XB1 to do trades with! DM me IVJSawyerIV

  • Snowy700 says:

    Hey guys got a question for hut here and didn’t really know where else to post but if anyone can ask what maybe a stupid question that would be greatly appreciated.

    So I’ve been doing the team completions like a mad man and I know that when buying a last item it has to be for the specific team your doing the collection for but my question is this, if I buy a flashback Crosby he will be from the oceanics in the qmjhl but will he still count as a Crosby in the Pittsburg collection or no?

    It would be great if he did because he is like half the price of a real cros and I might be able to finish Pittsburg this year!

    • rictus64 says:

      I’m pretty sure it wil not count as there are collections such as “Team of the Week” “Classic…” etc.

    • thuglife000 says:

      i wish but unfortunitely it won\\\’t count…… also seeing as you are new, there has been a mess up in collections for a few years now…. if you ever complete a collection and it doesnt give you the completion gold packs, the only way to fix the \\\”glitch\\\” is to delete your cheapest guy and rebuy him in auction house. I am not sure how they didnt fix that from last year, but just a heads up

  • Stinkamus says:

    They still didnt fix that glitch? Lmfao, wat a joke. Ea Sports developers are so lazy.

  • darkness end says:

    Im looking to borrow a oel to finish my arizona collection i have a totw foligno for collateral. Im on xb1 gt darkn3ss eNd

  • Boss says:

    My New Jersey collection is stuck 1 man short. D Zubrus is listed as a free agent, not a Devil, and I’m one RW short. I’m starting to think I’m screwed.

  • Jake says:

    ZUBRUS is with NJ. Nhl collections just doesn’t have him listed

  • janne Koskela says:

    I have Winnipeg jet all 28/28 but the collection is not complite.. Why is that????

  • jay says:

    Looking for,People to help with complete teams, Xbox One , GT is MrBloodBath82 or msg me on here
    Teams that I’ll complete are Jets , Panthers, Flames, Devils,Coyotes

  • Samofbrighton says:

    Offering Pekka Rinne AND Taylor Hall for trade, together or separately.

    GT is SamofBrighton or message me here

    Thanks in advance!

    • JDMorgan92 says:

      Hi I’m wondering if you would trade hall for zetterberg then back, hall is all I need to finish the oilers also I need a Justin Faulk for Carolina ? My gamer tag is JDMorgan92 for xb1

      • Samofbrighton says:

        I was getting kinda desperate so Hall is currently on the Auction board but as soon as he comes back off (if) then that’s cool. I’ll let you know what happens asap

  • Robert says:

    Whats number 34 in Ottawa only get 33/34 ??

  • Jannezki8 says:

    Ok, so I,m trying to complete edmonton collection. I have 31 items for the team and everywhere i check it says that there should be 31 items so i should have all the items. However the game says that I have 31/32 items. Why? I have tried to find the missing item but i can’t find it from the auction house. I know that there has just been an update for the game so has ea added one item for the edmonton collection? If it is so can anybody tell what item it is and how can i get the item?

    • Jannezki8 says:

      Ok, I just figured it out. It said in the hut menu screen that there is now available new players for hut. So the 32th item is Anton Slepyshev RW sniper.

  • Gates says:

    Anyone know want the card is for Carolina? Thanx!

  • hlance97 says:

    pulled a Shea Weber and bought Josi cant afford Rinne can anyone lend him for collection? xb1

  • Jason says:

    Anyone have a jagr and luongo for florida im just looking to complete the collection and then send them back my gamertag is JDMorgan92

  • Jake says:

    The following players are missing from the checklists.
    C- J. Eichel, Buffalo Sabres
    LW- A. Panarin, Chicago Blackhawks
    LD- B. Hutton, Vancouver Canucks
    LW- D. Larkin, Detroit Red Wings
    LD- C. Parayko, St Louis Blues
    LD- N.Hanifin, Carolina Hurricanes
    LW- S.Plotnikov, Pittsburgh Penguins
    G- M. O’Connor, Ottawa Senators
    RW- S. Kalinin, New Jersey Devils
    RW- A.Slepyshev, Edmonton Oilers

    • j says:

      Thanks bro helps allot 🙂 ^ he’s right btw.

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much for putting this list together so quickly. I am on vacation for the next few days so I have no way of verifying this yet, but I have updated the site accordingly in the meantime as I trust you guys.

      Please let me know if there are any further discrepancies and I will do my best to adjust the site. Once I get back, I’ll be able to delve into the details.

  • Millhead77 says:

    I have jersey, Carolina, florida, and Calgary completed. Anyone need any of these?

  • Jordan Sparkes says:

    Hey , if you’re looking for players to finish your collection there is a email called EAnhl16helphut@gmail.com . You just have to send a email for the players you want and they will give it to you!!

  • Benji says:

    Had a Movember JVR didn’t know it doesn’t count can somebody lend me a JVR for the PS4

  • gt-swerdsy. Xbox 360 legacy says:

    Don’t know if I need a John Scott or a nick grossman but if anyone can help me out please send me a msg on Xbox 360 I don’t have either of those guys but I only have 22 out of 23 players

  • nhlcrazyducklin says:

    Do TOTW players count for collections? I have totw Neal but idk if that counts

  • Jonathan says:

    Hi , I have a question…… When you make all team NHL collection Do you have a pack bonus ?

  • Alex says:

    I have 33/33 Arizona Coyotes and I did not get any packs and even though it says 33/33 next to the Coyotes logo, it not mention completed. Help? I dont havr players of the week or anything like that, they are all originals.

  • Jordan says:

    I have all of the Hurricanes except the Hanifin guy I cannot seem to find. How are the added players found through trading and are the jerseys required to complete a team and relieve the bonus packs?

  • sharksfan says:

    I got 31 items for the sharks and now it says theres 36 total.. tried selling and rebuying. Did they add more sharks players or is it glitched? Please help

  • Dom says:

    I have 36/37 items for Anaheim Ducks, 26 players, 9 jerseys and 1 logo. I cant find item # 37.
    Do i have to buy scott N. from the legends collection to finish the collection? Glitch?

  • Louis says:

    33/34 items for Colorado Avalanche, 24 players, 8 jerseys and 1 logo. I cant find item #34 !??

  • Joey says:

    Anybody know what the last card is for Colorado? I have 33/34 and there’s only 33 listed here

  • Dave says:

    I have 31/32 Carolina players, I have been over the checklist for Carolina multiple times which in fact only has 31 players, so just like the above questions, same problem. Any answer for this?

  • Pupa says:

    After an update the Toronto roster now has 38 items instead of 36. Brad Boyes is one of them but who is the other one?

  • Kangaroo says:

    Can only find 28 players/items on this site for Winnipeg but in the game it says I
    just have 28/30. Do anyone know what I missing?

  • Jackeruzione says:

    I have aquired all 30 items for the boston bruins and it tells me that i need 34 items to complete the bruins but wtf there is only 30 items in the game … some answers or tips for me pleade ? Im playing on a ps4

  • Juicy J says:

    Why does game say there are 38 for Arizona?

  • 123 says:

    They will had new players to NHL, probably tomorrow. That is why u cant aquered all items right now

  • SNeroo says:

    Who are the new Dallas players? I know Oleksiak is one but idk about the other ones. It’s either Janmark or Oduya but I can’t find either on the market

  • Matt says:

    Nate Schmidt is one of the new players for Washington, but hes only available as TOTW so i cant complete the collection. anyone have him just plain gold?

  • Tyson says:

    It says 31/32 for Carolina collection, I have Faulk and I just got Team Of The Week Versteeg. I have 9 jerseys and all the players plus the logo, I have no idea what to do.

  • Steve says:

    Someone willing to lend Tarasenko? Will trade right back xbox one Steven Lee 20

  • Nick says:

    I have New Jersey Devils collection can trade for any other collection can trade right back after

  • Devan says:

    anyone willing to lend me the tampa bay, anaheim, st louis collections? i have over 200k in coins i can use for collateral! also willing to trade my team i have t.seguin,c.neely,totw shaw,milestone daley. and more!!!

  • Nick says:

    I have Devils and Florida collection to trade can trade back after xbox1

  • Nick says:

    I have Maple leafs also

  • Shaun kirk says:

    Anyone have Johansen, Saad, and Bobrovsky i can borrow on ps4?

  • Ian Hardinger says:

    Anyone willing to lend me a Matt Duchene card this week so I can complete my Avalanche collection? Would be willing to lend all Av’s players in return for you to get complete collection as well. Xbox One : Polysciguy

  • Kyle Sopelak says:

    I have full Carolina Collection if anyone wants to trade collections. Xbox 1

  • Curtis says:

    I completed my panthers collection 33/33 but no free packs what gives?

  • Me says:

    Can anyone help me out. I have the big 8 teams left. Chi, dal, mon, nyr, pit, la, tampa, wash. I have st louis and others 4 collateral. Ps4. scrueyouhippy

  • Dennis gonzalez says:

    I have complete Arizona, buffalo, Calgary, Carolina, Columbus, Florida, Devils, Toronto, jets and Vancouver…need tukka to complete Bruins, taveres for isles, Karlsoon for sen’s, hall and macdavid for oilers looking to borrow just for completions will give whole sets as collateral xbox1 gamer tag is ID N 1 C 3 message if interested thnks

  • Adam says:

    Anyone know who is the missing 2items off winipeg? I have 30/32…ea needs to figure it out.

  • Name says:

    What is the 34th item in Detroit collection?

  • Rich says:

    I have 36 LA items but it says i need 38. Ive checked everywhere and can only see 23 players, 12 jerseys plus the logo. That should only be 36. Any ideas what i could be missing?

  • SlamiCz says:

    Same problem with colorado 34/36

  • Will.IAm says:

    Same problem with Edmonton. I have 37/38. What is the Card Missing ? ??

  • Luigi says:

    Detroit says 33/34 who’s the new one?

  • Morno700 says:

    Same for boston Bruins i got 34/36 somebody knows who are the 2 new players ?

  • Joe koppe says:

    What’s the deal with the collection packs being 1 or 2 cards shy when there’s no new players? Chicago was 35 now it’s 37 and only 1 additional sweater added. I have all sweaters, stadiums logos and players…what gives? What am I missing?

  • Orion_GMG says:

    Anyone know why the Balckahwks collection went up by 2 ? I had every card except Kaner and Tazer, was sitting at 33/35. I noticed it is now sitting at 33/37. Who or what am I missing ? I keep checking the market, but there is nothing I don’t already have seemingly. Any help is much appreciated. Just need to know who or what they added is all.

  • Cardinal says:

    Where the hell is Cundari for SJ?

  • Billsmafia86 says:

    They added new hut cards all I know for sure right now is colorado LW Martisen buffalo Rd M.psyck and blue jackets Goalie C.he’ll buck anybody knows any others put them out there

  • Billsmafia86 says:

    Blue jackets Goalie C.hellebuyck

  • Cobra says:

    Anyone want to team up and trade cards for collections, hit me up on Xbox 1. Cobracmndr13

  • Marc says:

    Anyone want to help with tampa pittsburgh, Chicago or Washington. Please let me know. Psn scrueyouhippy

  • Eliekamel87 says:

    Cant finish la kings, got 40/38 it says but no packs. Even deleted and rebought…help anyone?

  • Danny says:

    Can anybody lend me Schneider from the sabres? I have Crawford as collateral. Will give right back. Xbx gamertag dlo028

  • danny says:

    I meant to say from the devils**

  • Rich says:

    Looking for Schnieder NJD and VanRiemsdyk from Tor to finish a collection PS4. Stinz_2

  • kobe says:

    Hello, I am trying to find people to do collections with, I’m on Xb1, anyone willing to do collections with me I’m up to it, my names ReK ViraL, I am doing new York at the moment if anyone wants to do it with me

  • Anyone wanna trade ? Ballistic39x

  • Owen says:

    Looking to borrow an ovi to complete collection. Hey I have all of Toronto and Carolina can loan to people ps4 AfroOwen

  • Brandon says:

    Not spam. Anyone want to bit 250k in coins. Tired of collecting. Ps4. Email me Blalock009 at hotmail

  • Aedan H says:

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone on here have ovi I can borrow. I have stammer Movember E Kane and about 70k in collat I can give

  • josh says:

    It says I have 32/32 for Winnipeg but wont say collection complete any help?

  • Ian says:

    Anyone want to trade Collections? I have Winnipeg complete so we can trade on xbox one! *Once we have our packs we will trade our player back*
    Looking for any nhl collection but Winnipeg on Xbox One!
    Add me XL HoCkey FaN

  • Masonexplosion87 says:

    Anyone want to by jagr milestone card. Its from when he moved into #3 spot for all time scoring. 94 overall cant remember exact stats.

  • Masonexplosion87 says:

    I have it listed for 330,000 I believe. Playing on ps4 btw

  • Masonexplosion87 says:

    Anyone interested in trading a crosby for a pk subban and that jagr milestone card?

  • Nhler says:

    Please help!!! Need Ovi!!!!! He’s all I need to complete the Washington collection!!!
    NEgan720K Xbox one

  • Robert says:

    NHL legacy San Jose collection 21 players I have 20 can’t figure out who the last guy is any thoughts can’t find a checklist for legact

  • chris says:

    Does anyone still play this I just started playing Hut on NHL Legacy for Ps3.

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