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Situational Guidelines for Defensive Zone Coverage

Situational Guidelines for Defensive Zone Coverage

Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

When covering active Ds, both F2 and F3 have a responsibility to cover their points if the opposing Ds move into scoring position. More and more teams are encouraging their defense to be active. If the defenseman they are covering moves into the slot, cover him tight. If the defenseman slides down the boards, there are two options. Either, cover tight, and move down the boards and into the corner with the D, or let D go and hold the inside position (figure 9.11). Once the opposing D is down low in the corner, he can be covered by your Ds or low forward. F2 or F3 can sink down and play inside but should not get dragged into covering a D in a non scoring area.

Figure 9.11 Covering active Ds.

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