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Three on Two With a Close Backchecker

Three on Two with a Close Backchecker

Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

In this situation the backchecker is close to catching the rush but doesn’t have position on any of the offensive players (figure 8.6). D1 and D2 should play it as a three on two until the backchecker has caught the opposition’s highest player. With the new obstruction rules not allowing the backchecker to hook the offensive player, do not play it like a three on three until the offensive player is clearly caught by  the backchecker. Make sure the backchecker has body position on his player before the Ds adjust and play it as a three on three. It is better to play it safe until you are sure because as soon as one of the defense overplay the outside it could open up a two on one inside if the backchecker is not in position.

Figure 8.6 A three on two with a close backchecker.

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