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Two-on-One Attacks

Two-on-One Attacks

Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

When the offensive team realizes they have a potential two on one opportunity in the neutral zone, they should attack quickly with speed (figure 3.12). Initially they may cross, but it is important to attack with speed so that the backcheckers don’t catch them and nullify the odd man rush. If it is a wide two on one, players should try to get closer to mid-ice right away. Regardless of what side the puck carrier is on once he crosses the blue line he should get the puck into a triple-threat position. A triple threat position is when the puck carrier keeps the puck at his side in shooting position so that he can either pass, shoot, or make a move. The puck carrier now needs to read how the defense and goaltender might play the situation and pick the best option. The second offensive player must have his stick in a position to shoot or deflect the puck into the net.

Figure 3.12 A two-on-one attack

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