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Three on Two

Three on Two

Excerpt From: Hockey Plays and Strategies

When reading a three on two, both defenseman stay in mid-ice and try to delay the attack. Don’t confuse what looks like a three on three for what really is a three on two. What I mean here is that at times the defense will say that “I thought the backchecker had the third player” but in reality the backchecker is a step away and couldn’t catch the player. If the offensive team sends a back-side drive, the strong-side D1 now plays the two on one, and the back-side D2 goes with the drive (figure 8.5). If it is a midlane drive, the back-side D2 plays the two on one, trying to shade (commit to one player while ready to take the other player) the drive player but ready to come out on the wide pass. D1 plays the puck carrier.

Figure 8.5 Defending a three on two back-side drive.

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